Sell Bitcoin with SEPA (EU) bank transfer. Bitcoin to SEPA.

SEPA enables customers to make payments to anyone located within the SEPA Zone.

Bitcoin to SEPA exchange rate: BTC/EUR-59703.81


To exchange bitcoin please follow instructions placed below.
Step 1. Decide what amount of bitcoin you want to exchange. The calculator automatically calculates what the current value is of the number of bitcoins you have entered.

Trade limits: 0 BTC - 5 BTC

Step 2. Fill in the form placed below and submit it to proceed to the next easy step of your conversion order.

You will be redirected to secure payment page. Please, follow further instructions to complete transfer of bitcoins to us.

Normally you have the money that same day if order is made before lunch. If not they are in your account around 17:00 the next day.

Complete the following form to exchange your bitcoins. Your money should arrive to you within same or 1-2 working days once your bank has confirmed the transfer.



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of this service.


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